A woman who is a master at the ‘art of living’ makes little distinction between her work and her play, her labor and her leisure, her love and her religion, her education and her recreation, her mind and her body.

She hardly knows which is which.

She simply pursues her vision of excellence and grace in whatever she does, leaving others to decide whether she is working or playing — to her she is always doing both.

Mission & Vision
The Art of Living Home is a FARR Certified Recovery Residence in Naples, FL focused on empowering women to achieve a life free from substance abuse and alcoholism.
We strive to help each person gain the confidence and strength needed to succeed in a world that expands beyond recovery itself.
We are here to provide support, structure, and the necessary tools to live a more healthy, purposeful and rewarding life.

What is a “Recovery Residence”?


The Art of Living Home is a recovery residence for women. We offer you a community that nurtures and supports your abstinence from drugs and alcohol. At the same time, our unique environment encourages and reinforces new skills. These factors are instrumental in maintaining your sobriety.



Highly motivated women who have a desire and willingness to stay clean and sober can seek placement at the Art of Living Home. You can connect with us through your care professionals, direct referral or by contacting us on your own.

We stay in close contact with potential participants. As a result, your transition to our home is stress free, seamless and comfortable.