An important part of recovery is having a supportive peer-peer community. Peer-Peer recovery support at the Art of Living Home is designed and delivered by people who, themselves, have experienced both substance abuse disorder and recovery. They know what it’s like to be an addict, to struggle with the daily pressures and stress, to overcome the guilt, sadness, confusion, to try to find a job, rebuild careers, relationships, and self-esteem.

Positive social interactions are instrumental in maintaining abstinence from drugs and alcohol in recovery. In isolation, individuals are more susceptible to relapse and may experience worsened symptoms of depression. While there may be challenges associated with rebuilding your social life, living in a recovery residence that offers you a community will help you forge new, healthier relationships that are essential to the maintenance of your ongoing sobriety.

The importance of peer support and mentorship, in and outside, of the Art of Living Home is helping you build a network of support so that you can start developing new and healthy relationships. These mentors and peers are the people who understand the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual difficulties that could come up for you. The care, compassion and support in the home can improve your ability to manage stress and utilize coping skills.

Whether you’re facing the day to day stressors of life or coping with something bigger, a peer supported community can help you process these things in a healthy way. Some days in recovery may be more difficult than others, but a supportive home can offer hope when you are feeling depressed or beaten down. Your peers in the home can offer you a judgment-free outlet for any of these personal issues that you may be dealing with and will guide you in the appropriate direction for further support if needed; while also keeping you accountable while you are on your own journey.